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Transfer a Score



General Information
Scores are automatically reported to the jurisdiction licensing authority through which a candidate applied for initial licensure. After an initial license is received a candidate may want to become licensed in additional jurisdictions. The Score Transfer Service was established to facilitate the endorsement of licenses from one state to another. Your participation in this service is entirely voluntary. In offering this service, FSBPT makes no guarantees that any licensing board will accept a score transfer in lieu of other state requirements for the purposes of licensure.

Scores cannot be transferred for an exam until the scores for that exam are released. Scores are released 5 business days after an exam date. For more information on dates and deadlines please go to www.fsbpt.org/fixeddatetesting.

Proceed to www.fsbpt.org to view a listing of licensing authorities and their contact information.

First transfer of a specific examination score: $80.00
Each additional or subsequent transfer of that score: $55.00

Please note that a 1.6% processing fee, rounded up to the nearest dollar, will apply.

What to Expect
The Score Transfer request process is a six-step process that you can complete online through this website. You will be asked to enter certain personal information and select the product(s) you wish to purchase.

You must have already tested to transfer a score. The FSBPT will transfer failing scores upon request. Refunds will not be given after a request for a Score Transfer has been processed.

If you tested prior to 1987, your score might not be available for online transfer at this time. If we are unable to process your request online, a link will be provided to download and print the Score Transfer Request form and offline instructions.

Next Steps
FSBPT will transfer your score(s) directly to the Licensing Authority in the jurisdiction that you selected when the request and payment have been received. To determine if a Score Transfer has been completed go to "Check the Status of My Request" on the Candidate and Licensee Services home page.

Requirements for Purchasing
During this process, you will be asked to select a method of payment. You may pay by Visa or MasterCard online.

Contact Information for Customer Support
In the event you have difficulty completing this process you may obtain assistance by contacting FSBPT Exam Services at (703) 739-9420 and select Option 1.

Statement on Disclosure of Information
Any specific information that you provide as part of this registration to take the NPTE or to request other services, will be kept confidential by FSBPT and is only shared with the licensing jurisdiction. Any exceptions, such as the school reports, require the candidate to approve such additional disclosure.

FSBPT also collects and maintains information pertaining to scores on the NPTE, licensure information as provided by the licensing jurisdictions as well as disciplinary actions taken by the licensing jurisdictions. Because your Social Security Number is the most accurate reference across all these databases, the FSBPT requests and utilizes Social Security Numbers to identify you throughout our systems. This is the best way to reasonably ensure that your information is not mistakenly confused with someone who has the same or similar name.

For your protection, we do not maintain credit card numbers in our database. Once the card has been processed, all reference to the number is removed.

By clicking on "Buy Now" you confirm that you have read, understand, and agree to the conditions set forth above.


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