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The Federation of State Board of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) developed ProCert, a comprehensive continuing competence activity certification program, as directed by its members - the 53 U.S. jurisdiction physical therapy licensing boards (“jurisdiction boards”). FSBPT uses the Standards for Continuing Competence Activities to evaluate the content of continuing competence activities for purposes of awarding certification through ProCert.


ProCert awards whole-number Continuing Competence Units (CCUs) values that reflect compliance with the Standards. 


Any provider of a physical therapy continuing competence activity registered as a Vendor in aPTitude may submit activity information to the online ProCert system. Registering and recording activities in aPTitude is free. Submitting for ProCert certification is voluntary, but is beneficial to providers of continuing competence activities for the following reasons:

•    Renders that activity as recognized or acceptable by multiple jurisdiction boards as meeting those jurisdictions’ requirements for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants;

•    Promotes that activity as having met comprehensive standards for purposes of promoting the activity to prospective students.


Activities Eligible for Certification

There are two available "pathways" - continuing education and symposium/conferences. Most activities (e.g. live courses, recorded courses, inservices, etc.) follow the continuing education path. Symposium/conferences have different certification requirements and consist of specific elements such as concurrent sessions, or a combination of certain other elements. To determine if your activity is a symposium/conference, please review this guide. Submit any activity not meeting this guide as a continuing education course.



Continuing competence activities certified by ProCert are currently accepted by the following jurisdictions:


Alaska            Arizona        Arkansas 
California Colorado Delaware       
District of Columbia  Georgia Hawaii
Idaho Illinois Indiana
Kansas Kentucky Michigan
Minnesota Mississippi Missouri
Montana Nebraska North Carolina
North Dakota Oregon Pennsylvania
Puerto Rico Rhode Island South Carolina
South Dakota Tennessee Utah
Vermont Virginia Wisconsin


Additionally Maryland accepts ProCert for approval of dry needling-specific course content.


Other jurisdiction boards are updating rules/regulations or policies to reflect the acceptance or recognition of ProCert. Accordingly, the above information and other certification guidance will be promptly updated.



ProCert certification will be granted for one or two years depending on the selection made below. Vendors may choose the start date either in the future or in the past. 



All submitted activities are submitted under one of the options below:

•     Single Activity: $100 for submission of a single activity - ONE YEAR certification period

•     Single Activity: $200 for submission of a single activity - TWO YEAR certification period


•     Subscription I: $1195 for submission of up to 20 activities in a one-year period - TWO YEAR certification period

•     Subscription II: $1595 for submission of up to 100 activities in a one-year period - TWO YEAR certification period

•     Subscription III: $2495 for submission of up to 500 activities in a one-year period TWO YEAR certification period

Submitted activities will not be assigned to review unless accompanied by the fee (to be processed at the conclusion of the submission process). FSBPT accepts VISA and MasterCard for purposes of certification fee payment.


Review Time Frame

Please allow 4-6 weeks for review of a submitted activity.


Recertifying Activities

Any certified activity may be resubmitted for subsequent one-year certification periods. The certification requirements may change so Vendors should research those in advance of recertification submission. All data for previously certified activities is saved in the system for Vendors to edit and update for recertification submission.


Preparing for Submission

To view the How to Get Started with ProCert video, click here. This recording demonstrates the submission process and highlights available resources including the ProCert Guidance Documents. Vendors are strongly encouraged to review either the ProCert Guidance Document for Vendors - Continuing Education, or the ProCert Guidance Document for Vendors - Conferences, (conferences must have concurrent sessions) in advance of submitting an activity for review. These documents are intended to prepare Vendors for the submission process, offer examples of materials and information that may be submitted to support the submission, and provide clarity to the requirements as defined by the standards and criteria. Please also visit our how to get started with ProCert page. 




If dissatisfied with the certification determination, the provider of the activity may resubmit additional or clarifying information for re-evaluation. There is no fee for one re-evaluation request; subsequent submissions require a fee or deduction from the subscription.


Browser Compatability

aPTitude is compatable with most browsers; the exception to this is Safari where content and functionality may not be ideal. FSBPT cannot ensure that aPTitude will work with all versions of browsers and all versions of operating systems. If you experience difficulty, consider trying to relaunch aPTitude in one of the following browsers: the two most recent versions of Internet Explorer, the latest version of Firefox, and Chrome on the PC and Mac. We will update this list when additional browsers become available. 


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