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During registration you need two important things:

  • A valid email address - The last step in completing your registration will be to respond to an email confirmation. 
  • A valid license or your FSBPT ID - We'll ask you to enter this number and the expiration date(s).

Where did all the content in aPTitude come from?

From vendors of continuing competence activities and from licensees like you! There are thousands of published activities to browse and to find and record. If you don't find your completed activity, you can create your own copy and record it.

The information in aPTitude about states' requirements for licensure renewal and continuing competence was approved by the individual licensing boards. FSBPT continually updates state's models and requirements in an effort to maintain that information as current and accurate.  However, state licensing boards are always the final authority on requirements and whether or not activities meet their requirements

Are all states using aPTitude?

Most states are using aPTitude. Louisiana and Vermont have not yet approved their continuing competence model(s) in aPTitude.

Which internet browsers work best for aPTitude?

aPTitude is compatible with most browsers; the exception to this is Safari where content and functionality may not be ideal. We cannot ensure that aPTitude will work with all versions of browsers and all versions of operating systems. If you experience difficulty, consider trying to relaunch aPTitude in one of the following browsers: the two most recent versions of Internet Explorer, the latest version of Firefox, and Chrome on the PC and Mac. We will update this list when additional browsers and operating systems become available. 

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We want your feedback on how aPTitude works for you and what additional features you'd like to see.  You can click on "Let us know what you think of aPTitude" which is in the footer of every page.  Enhancements are on the way and your feedback will help us prioritize the new features. 

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